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Nurmash offers you great opportunity to win money prizes by entering promotions from our partners.

You can enter promotions in your city, country or in any worldwide promotions. Participation is always free and does not require purchase of the product or service

In order to enter promotion you need to:

  • 1) register your profile at Nurmash via your account from one of the following
    social networks:
    • - facebook.com;
    • - vk.com;
    • - plus.google.com;

  • 2) select promotion;

  • 3) fulfill required conditions.
    Promotion’s conditions are always easy to perform and do not take a long time from you. In many cases you will be offered to:
    • - watch a video (no more than 60 sec.);
    • - take a photo;
    • - share photo in social networks;
    • - answer only one question.

Promotions are available for those who is 18 years old or older at the moment of participation.

Before entering promotions, please, read Official Rules and Data Policy

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There are three basic and two additional prizes are raffled in every promotions.

Basic prizes:

  •   Main prize;
  •   Community prize;
  •   Organizer's prize;

Additional prizes:

  •   Prizes for the first 100 participants;
  •   Prizes for the random 100 participants;

Main prize is raffled among all eligible participants of the promotion and awarded to the lucky one who is chosen randomly.

Community choice prize is awarded to the participant whose photo, at the end of Promotion, has the most number of likes on Nurmash mobile application.

Organizer’s prize is awarded to the participant whose photo impresses the most promotion organizer. Prize is raffled among all nominees selected by the Promotion Sponsor, and winner is detected at random.

Prizes for the first 100 participants are automatically awarded to the first 100 participants who fulfilled all Promotion conditions. NOTE: If participant wins prize in categories such “Main prize”, “Community choice” or “Organizer’s choice” he/she will be replaced by 101st participants and so on.

Prizes for 100 random participants are raffled among all participant who left without any prizes in categories such as “Main prize”, “Community choice”, “Organizer’s choice” and “The first 100 participants”, and are awarded to 100 participants who have been selected randomly.

All prizes are cash prizes and are paid in US dollars. You can withdraw you winnings via your PayPal account or fill in specific form for receiving money prize via wire transfer.

We strongly recommend you to read Official Rules, where is conditions for receiving money prizes are outlined.

Current Promotions

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Countdown to the Jackpot drawing







On 25th of December we raffle our annual super-prize – Jackpot.
From the prize fund of every promotion a specified percentage is deducted and saved to the Jackpot.

Winner of the Jackpot is determined by random selection among all entrants who have ever taken part in any promotion of the current year.

Each launched promotion increases the sum of the Jackpot, and you can observe its raising via our web-site or mobile application.


Get updated about all promotions in your city, country or in the world. Download our mobile application for iOS and Android for free and enter promotions form your phone quickly and easy.